New mental health and wellbeing resources available to clubs

SportWest has launched its True Sport – Mental Health and Wellbeing initiative to the WA sporting community.

The program supports staff at State Sporting Associations, including Football West, and other sporting organisations to respond to mental health incidents and promote proactive mental health and wellbeing in community sport.

As part of True Sport – Mental Health and Wellbeing, a range of downloadable resources are available.

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Click HERE to access the SportWest website and mental health and wellbeing resources including, but not limited to:

Clubs and organisations are encouraged to share and utilise these resources. It is also recommended they download and familiarise themselves with the critical incident response material it can be accessed quickly in a time of need.

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Why should clubs and sporting groups worry about mental health and wellbeing?

It is estimated that two in five Australians aged 16 to 85 will experience a mental health condition in their lifetime.

The sporting community is uniquely positioned to support mental health and wellbeing issues, and with the right support, people with a mental health issue or condition are more likely to seek help.

When people experience a crisis, they often come to their sporting communities for support, whether it is sport related or not.

As such, sport leaders and administrators can find themselves being asked to provide mental health and wellbeing support and guidance.

TMH Think Mental Health


Kick off the Conversation

For clubs aiming to focus on raising awareness and advocating for improved mental health and wellbeing practices, Football West and Healthway have developed the Kick off the Conversation program.

The program is designed to support and educate clubs on mental health and wellbeing practices. Through education and support, clubs involved in the program should become better equipped to foster the mental health and wellbeing of their members and create a positive reputation within the sport. Plus, participating clubs will be eligible to win a share of $15,000 in cash prizes.

The Program kicks off in early 2024. Complete the EOI today and take the first step towards prioritising mental health and wellbeing in your club.

Complete the EOI here.

Download the Kick off the Conversation Program e-book here.