New Clubs

New Clubs

Football West has reviewed and streamlined the process required to become an affiliated Club for Season 2023 and beyond.

The new processes now consists of three (3) steps to be completed between August 2023 and December 2023.

The full New Club Application Process document can be found via the following link.

New Club Application Process

To begin your application to become an affiliated Club in 2024, please complete Step 1 by submitting the online form (link below) no later than Friday, 29 September 2023 5pm WST.

Step 1: New Club Application 

For any other questions or assistance, please feel free to contact Bianca Glanville via e-mail at or via phone on 08 6181 0700.


Why does Football West have a New Club Application Process? 

FW supports a thriving football community of approximately 250 Clubs and 20 Associations across the state. Over 100 of these Clubs are based in the Perth metropolitan area. With such a volume and concentration of Clubs, great demand is placed on facilities and volunteers. FW’s Building Stronger Clubs initiative prioritises the empowerment of Clubs who can provide great experiences for all. This New Club Application Process places great importance on ensuring new Clubs can maximise participation opportunities and be set up for long-term sustainable success.  

Why is the process split into three steps? 

Based on guidance received, the process is designed to be manageable for volunteers, while the sequence of activities prioritises the tasks that need to be undertaken initially such as exploring why the club is needed. 

What’s the minimum distance a new Club should be located from existing Clubs in the future? 

Football has experienced impressive participation growth in recent times. This has led to a high concentration of Clubs across certain regions such as the Perth metropolitan area. FW has previously required a minimum 5km distance between a new Club and existing Clubs. The New Club Application Process does not include an arbitrary distance figure to acknowledge that certain high growth communities may be able to sustain multiple strong Clubs. These would require clear evidence-based feasibility meeting the procedural requirements. As a guide, new Club applications within 10km's of existing Clubs are unlikely to be approved unless there is clear need.  

If our application is unsuccessful, can we re-apply in the future? 

It is acknowledged that circumstances may change in the conditions upon which the new Club wishes to be considered for and applications are welcomed in any future rounds for FW to review. 

Why do we need support from our Local Government? 

Across community football, Local Governments are a significantly important stakeholder regarding provision of quality facilities, among many other areas. Support in writing from your Local Government at the necessary step of the process, ensures adequate consultation, capacity and feasibility is being considered. It also sets the tone for a successful relationship moving forward. 

Would our new club need to cater for junior and female pathways? 

Clubs that show limited scope for growth or do not provide adequate junior or female development, are unlikely to be approved. 

We have a team or multiple teams but aren’t quite ready to be a standalone Club, what should we do? 

In this scenario, there are certainly options for your team/s to join an existing Club if a mutually beneficial agreement can be reached with them. Starting a Club is a significant undertaking, so this option allows your teams to participate while being part of and supported by a broader football Club environment.   

We have been unsuccessful in our New Club Application, can we appeal?  

All decisions by FW are final. In the interests of supporting participation in football, FW will work with applicants to identify suitable playing opportunities where relevant.