Hyundai National Training Centre

Hyundai National Training Centre


The Hyundai NTC Girls program is the Elite Development Pathway for girls in Western Australia. It is a full time program in which players are selected yearly in an open trial process before training and playing in a designated state competition.

The program runs under FFA co-ordination and is structured for 2020 on four main age groups: U13; U14; U15 and U19.

There will be an average of four weekly contacts (three training sessions and a game) for the full time scholarship players and up to two training sessions to attend for the associate players (who will be also registered with their clubs).

The program offers the best identification platform for the Youth National Teams (Junior and Young Matildas) for outstanding young female players and we have an excellent record of developing such players for a number of years.

Football West will hold trials for the NTC Girls program in a couple of weeks for the new intake of Elite players for the 2020 season.

The program is the main Elite Girls Development program in WA, being co-ordinated by FFA and having three main age groups: U19s, U15s and U14s & U13s.

The trials will be conducted at Wanneroo City SC, Kingsway on the following dates and times:

  • Tuesday 13 October – U13 (5pm – 6pm) U14 (6.15pm – 7.15pm)

  • Thursday 15 October – U13 (5pm – 6pm) U14 (6.15pm – 7.15pm)

  • Tuesday 20 October – U13 (5pm – 6pm) U14 (6.15pm – 7.15pm)

  • Wednesday 21 October – U15 (5pm – 6pm) U19 (6.15pm – 7.15pm)

  • Friday 23 October – U15 (5pm – 6pm) U19 (6.15pm – 7.15pm)

  • Monday 26 October – U15 (5pm – 6pm) U19 (6.15pm – 7.15pm)

To register for the trials please click the link below, making sure you fill in all required areas), by 5pm on Friday 9 October 2020.

2021 Girls NTC Trials



Head coach: Courtney Owen

The squad trains three times a week and plays in the Imagine Cruising Boys U12 Division 1 competition


Head coach: Gavin Sit

The squad trains three times a week and plays in the Smarter than Smoking Boys U13 Division 1 competition


Head coach: Faye Chambers

The squad trains three times a week and plays in the Women’s Premier League U23 competition


Head coach: Ben Anderton

The squad trains three times a week and plays in the NPLWA – Women’s competition



Full Time Players
Jessica Skinner
Ava Santos
Daisy Kilcoyne
Ischia Brooking
Jessica Johnson
Macey McCready
Mia Britton
Niamh Devitt
Ruby Cuthbert
Zina Hunt
Cate McAulffie
Olivia Speakes
Laneesha D’Cruz

Associate Players
Daisy Groenewald-Shield
Lacey Heys
Ruby Marshall
Shenae Rebelo
Amber Atkinson
Jessica Crawford
Iona Mitchell


Full Time Players
Jayde O’Donohoe
Abbey Woolley
Alkira Mogridge
Jenna Harnwell
Kayla O’Connor
Bonnie McQueen
Louise Tana
Lucy Hope
Maeve Lehane
Anna Tan
Sophie Meaden
Violet Longmore
Kendra Rosa
Klaudia Houlis

Associate Players
Elysse Shore
Kate Nolan
Sophia Korlat
Isabelle Rooney
Lily Cao


Full Time Players
Lilly Bailey
Amelie Lague
Anne Mayoe
Georgia Cassidy
Jana Garcia
Maya Spatafore
Olivia Trueman
Natasha Tanner
Wilma Thodhlana
Carys Davis
Molly Lenton
Mia Yeo
Katie Ritchie
Angeline Wright
Catherine Adams
Megan Bell

Associate Players
Hannah Collins
Grace Johnston
Zara Board
Lara Graham
Mischa Anderson
Anna Powell


Full Time Players
Miranda Templeman
Abbey Green
Cameron Barreiro
Daisy McAllister
Dylan Davidson
Grace Monteiro
Hana Lowry
Isabella Wallhead
Kate Armstrong
Leticia McKenna
Jaspa Cargill Fletcher
Monique Prinsloo
Ruby Walsh
Taneesha Baker
Tijan McKenna
Judy Connolly

Associate Players
Shivani Battaglia
Sofie Bolingbroke
Sophia Papalia
Emma McMurdo
Elizabeth Doust
Ella Lincoln
Alix Davies
Matilda Boyle
Jayna Ridley

For further details of the Hyundai NTC Girls program, please email