Welcome to Football West’s Affiliation information page.  

Affiliation has been introduced to replace Participation Agreements and align with national standards to ensure we are supporting all clubs and associations. 

This page has all the information you need to understand affiliation, its benefits and its importance so we can continue to grow the game at strong and thriving clubs and associations. 

Please contact if you have any additional questions.  


  • What is Affiliation? 

Affiliation is a vital requirement for all football clubs & associations to participate in Football West competitions or programs. 

This unlocks benefits to Clubs & Associations including, but not limited to, club development resources, funding opportunities, competitions, programs and pathways for all participants. 

Affiliation is simply a club or association confirming that you adhere to all the Football West and Football Australia policies, regulations and procedures as relevant. We have made the process simple so you can complete it via an online form or the Squadi (if your club/association uses that competition management platform) 

Knowing that our clubs and associations are predominantly operated by a volunteer workforce and the increasing amount of compliance for a sports organisation, Football West has been conscious of designing a process that balances the need for fundamental good practice at all clubs with the timeliness and ease required for our volunteer workforce.  

  • Why do we have to affiliate and what’s in it for us? 

This process ensures that a club receives additional benefits associated with affiliation whilst meeting its financial and governance obligations and continuing to meet minimum standards, as well as ensuring its long-term sustainability and viability. 

Affiliation confirms to Football West that you are an active club or association involved in the football community and committing to good governance.  

Affiliation also aligns with mandatory legal criteria for Football Australia’s Club Licensing Framework. 

  • What if we don't affiliate? 

If a Club or Association does not affiliate by accepting the basic policies and procedures of Football West and Football Australia, they will be excluded from platforms such as Play Football or competitions. Football West will work with clubs and associations to raise awareness of the benefits of affiliating. 

  • How do we affiliate? 

Clubs and associations will have two simple options to affiliate: 

  1. For clubs and associations with access to the new Squadi competition management platform, you can complete affiliation by accepting the dialogue box that opens when you first create your account.

  2. 2. All clubs and associations, including those that don’t use Squadi, can complete affiliation by submitting the online form below.

  • When can we affiliate? 

Affiliation is now open for clubs and associations for 2023 through Squadi or our online form. You are required to affiliate in 2023, ideally before the season commences.  

  • What are the policies and procedures we are adhering to? 

Clubs and associations agree to adhere to all Football West and Football Australia policies. These cover broad areas, for example, member protection and codes of conduct and ethics to ensure good governance across the game.  

  • What do we need to complete affiliation? 

If completing affiliation via Squadi, this is a simple process of logging in to the platform for the first time. 

If completing affiliation via the online form, this only takes approximately 10-15 minutes. Clubs or associations need to provide their updated details and committee contacts to ensure you receive Football West communications. 

  • What happened to Participation Agreements? 

Participation Agreements were introduced in 2018 by Football West to clarify the roles and responsibilities of clubs and associations across all levels of the game and ensure good governance, financial sustainability, and solvency. This also developed a relationship between Football West and clubs and associations. 

Following feedback and consultation, Football West is streamlining the process for volunteers so clubs and associations can easily navigate and complete the affiliation process. Thereby increasing efficiency and allowing our volunteers to focus on what matters most, running and growing local football.  

  • We are a regional club within a regional association; do we need to affiliate? 

Each regional club and association are required to affiliate with Football West. This ensures the club or association, regardless of geography, can access the affiliation benefits listed above and this also confirms minimum governance requirements across the game. As a club, your association may have its own process for affiliation with clubs. This process is independent of that.   

  • Will affiliation cost us anything? 

Affiliation does not cost clubs and associations anything additional to the player registration fees published on the Football West website for each season.  

  • Is this an annual process? 

Yes, clubs and associations will need to complete the basic affiliation process annually, each calendar year. Football West will prompt you on the timelines relating to this each year. This aligns with Football Australia requirements and allows an annual pulse check to see if the club or association is active or had any key changes Football West need to be aware of to increase communication.  

  • We have already signed the Participation Agreement. Do we need to affiliate? 

Yes, Participation Agreements will be null and void from 2023 onwards. This presents an opportunity for the introduction of this new and improved process.  

  • We have more questions, where do we go? 

We are happy to answer any of your questions, please email 

Please complete the Football West 2023 Club/Association Affiliation Form linked below.

Football West 2023 Club / Association Affiliation Form