South West Football Structure Review

South West Football Structure Review

As part of our 2018-2022 Regional Servicing Plan, Football West conducted a review of the football structure in the South West.

Football West appointed Dr. Ingrid O’Brien as an independent consultant to:

  1. Assess whether the current competition and administrative structures for football in the South West represent an effective allocation of resources to support football participants in the South West; and
  2. If it does not, make recommendations for the region which do make effective use of resources.

Terms of Reference for the Review

Following the review, Football West, supported by consultants from People Places Planet, has been working closely with representatives from Football Federation South West (FFSW), Country Coastal Junior Soccer Association (CCJSA), South West Soccer Association (SWSA), Leeuwin Naturaliste Junior Soccer Association (LNJSA) and South West Phoenix (SWP) throughout 2021.

This working group is committed to a singular vision that will be to the benefit of all football stakeholders in the region – the formalisation of a singular governing body across the entire region, structured to ensure all underpinning associations have an equal voice.

This stakeholder working group has achieved significant progress in 2021, with more work to come in 2022. However, Football West are at the point of distributing current progress, collating feedback and answering key issues from South West football stakeholders.

As part of South West club workshops in February 2022, Football West has circulated an Information Pack that summarises the following:

  • Vision, Structure, Goals, Responsibilities, Resources
  • Proposed constitution of new entity
  • 2021 achieved tasks & 2022 proposed milestones
  • Proposed FW position descriptions (Regional Manager, Community Participation Officers)
  • Proposed entity resourcing (Competition Manager, Referee Administrator, Competition Administrators, Technical Director)