Football West Female Football Plan


Football West Female Football Plan

In a national first for an Australian member federation, Football West has developed a Female Football Plan for 2018-2022 alongside the Strategic Plan. This will provide guidance for the whole of female football over the next five years, ensuring that the game remains accessible and a great experience for all. Football West has been engaging with Standing Committees and Zone Representatives in recent weeks to discuss implementation of the Plans.

Click here to read the Football West 2018-2022 Female Football Plan.

Priorities will include embedding the importance of female football throughout all aspects of the game, developing frameworks to support the growth of female football and establishing targeted initiatives for female coaches, players and referees.

Initiatives which have already been launched as part of the Plan include:

  • Free registration and upgrade courses for female referees
  • Female-only C Licence course.
  • Female Coach Mentoring Program

Over the next five years, Football West will work towards promoting clearer pathways and building the capacity of the women’s game.

The development of the Female Football Plan was led by an independent consultant and included consultation from across the football community through workshops and submissions. It was also informed by a comprehensive Insights survey project which received over 2,000 responses.

If you would like to learn more about the Strategic Plan or Female Football Plan, Football West will be holding information sessions to discuss the plans and their development in more detail.

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