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General Information:

Register your interest for 2022 program here – prospective participants will be sent the information on how to subscribe.

Football (7-a-side) caters for athletes with disabilities related to neurological impairment such as cerebral palsy, acquired brain injuries (ABI), stroke injury and certain forms of motor neurone disease.

New participants are welcome and need to bring appropriate footwear, shin pads, drink and comfortable sports clothes. Ongoing participants pay a subscription fee which covers program costs.

The main program is for players aged 15+, while the youth program covers ages 7 to 14.

Western Australia’s pathway under Football West delivers opportunities for male and female participants to:

  • set their own goals.
  • advance skills, ability and fitness.
  • join socially.
  • learn from athletes who have faced varied life challenges.
  • work under specialised professional coaches.
  • work towards selection for the WA State team, and
  • join a growing number of Western Australians selected to represent Australia on the world stage in the ‘Pararoos’.

Edith Cowan University School of Exercise and Health Sciences (ECU) worked in partnership with Football West in a three-year study. The findings from the study into ‘the effect of recreational football (soccer) games on physical, physiological and mental health outcomes in children with cerebral palsy’ will be published shortly.

Football West recognises Rebound WA as a supporter of the Pararoos pathway as advocate and fundraising organisation. Eligible athletes are urged to consider the benefits of Rebound WA membership, now free and with exciting new fundraising opportunities with tax deductible benefits.


It began as an official sport since the 1984 New York Paralympic Games with International Federation of Associated Football (FIFA) rules allowing slight modifications to ensure football players with a range of ability levels can enjoy competing in this format.

In the decades since the 7-a-side football format progressed to being part of the advanced player pathways in scores of countries and now stands on its own two feet, driven by proactive football organisations around the planet who all want to win the CP Football World Cup.

In Western Australia former Pararoo David Cantoni volunteered to commence a training and mentorship program to identify and nurture potential players in 2010.

The program regularly sees new milestones achieved for the group and individuals that has added value to Football West’s community inclusion since coming on board to support the program in 2011.

General information on  WA’s All-Abilities Access and Inclusion

Rules, classifications and format information from APC

Australia’s National Team, the Pararoos.


For more information, please call (08) 6181 0700  or email Club Support at club.support@footballwest.com.au