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Below is the list of positions currently available at Football West. Please follow the link and apply now.

Casual Coaching Pool

Football West Culture

We support your unique football journey by being dedicated to making the game accessible and a great experience for all.

To get there we have a dynamic and innovative culture and at the heart is our Values. These are not just statements posted around our office walls but behaviours we strive to achieve as a Team. Our Values act as a guide for decision making, how we engage with our community and set our Team performance expectations.


  • Embracing change for a better business and a better game
  • Create better ways of doing the things we do to benefit our business, stakeholders, and Community
  • We are committed to personal development and continuously building on our accomplishments
  • Persevere with issues, using our initiative to solve problems and improve the customer experience and business operations
  • Set ambitious goals and approach every challenge with determination to succeed
  • Being open to and providing feedback to improve products, services and ourselves

Fair Play

  • Show solidarity as a community by fostering team spirit in all our actions
  • Incorporating fairness in our choices and decisions impacting individuals and teams
  • Work together for better outcomes for the business, stakeholders, and our community
  • Sharing and celebrating each other’s success through recognition of contribution of others
  • Allocating fair investment, time and resources across all aspects of the game, programs and community groups

Mutual Respect

  • Doing what we say we will do
  • Acting with integrity, encouraging an inclusive environment that respects the diversity of everyone
  • Hold each other accountable for adverse action taken which impacts our customers, stakeholders, and community
  • Committed to equitable treatment and eliminating discrimination in all form from the business and the game
  • Clarifying our priorities and taking ownership to deliver to our agreed goals
  • Being respectful and empathetic in all our interactions with each other, our customers and our community


If these are values you can live and describe people you want to work with then please email for enquiries.