Street Football

Street Football

Around the world street football has helped turn neighbourhoods into places where respectful and friendly competition can flourish through playing football.

The 2022 Street Football locations began at Harmony Fields, Maddington.

The four-week Street Football Gosnells program was scheduled for January 2022.


The research on the benefits of youth after-school and sports-based community programs has found that physical activity, and sports in particular, can positively affect:

  • self-esteem
  • goal setting
  • leadership
  • classroom attendance
  • grades
  • reducing aggressive behavior

We have run the program at the following venues so far:

  • Belmont Forum Shopping Center
  • Ellenbrook Shopping Center
  • Katanning Leisure Center
  • Morley Galleria
  • Westfield Carousel

and we are on the lookout to add more venues to the program in the coming weeks and months.

Kattaning street footbal
Kattaning Street Football


Although the program is targeted at youth in the 12-18 age group, the Ellenbrook Street Football program saw cross generational as well as cross gender participants play together.

The program:

  • requires a ball and space to get started, but we at Football West added structure, colour, music and festivity
  • has the support of Western Australia Police, various local governments, the WA State Government and a wide range of service providers concerned with the health and well-being of at-risk children and families
  • brings service providers to the program to meet and discuss how youths can improve their lives and make the best decisions
  • will bring further opportunities to youths through coaching and refereeing courses aimed at turning rebellion into leadership
  • is pop-up style, adaptable to a wide range of areas, surfaces and surrounds to suit events and prime focus areas


Football West acknowledges the support of Organisation of Multicultural Affairs WA and City of Gosnells for Street Football.


Watch our videos below to get an idea of what is on offer for our Street Football Programs.






Katanning Flyer

Katanning Launch Media Release