Hyundai Football West Academy

Football West is excited to introduce the Football West Academy, a unified approach to football development that supersedes the previous Talent Support Program (TSP) and Skill Acquisition Program (SAP). Registrations are now open for 2024.

The Academy offers a comprehensive training program for young footballers, both boys and girls, aged 9 to 16. It's designed to enhance their skills by supplementing their existing club training. Every coach in our program holds at least a Football Australia accredited C Diploma, ensuring high-quality guidance.

Our main objectives include implementing a statewide program and providing avenues for talent identification. The Academy serves as a crucial conduit to State and representative teams, bridging the gap between metro and regional talents.

Our Mission

Football West Academy is driven by a passion for nurturing young football talent and a commitment to developing the next generation of footballers in Western Australia.

Our Vision

To create a nurturing environment where young athletes can grow both as players and individuals, guided by our core values of mutual respect, fair play, and excellence. Our goal is to not only produce skilled footballers but also well-rounded individuals who contribute positively to society.

Our Approach

Football West Academy is centred on a comprehensive training methodology that focuses on technical skills and tactical understanding. We offer tailored player development programs for various age groups and skill levels.

Our Impact

The Football West Academy provides players with a structured pathway to Football West representative teams, State Teams, and the Hyundai NTC program. This program emphasises participation-based learning and is designed to complement club training by offering an additional weekly training session led by qualified Football West coaches.

These sessions are open to both boys and girls. They offer an opportunity for players to engage in the developmental steps of the sport and to fully embrace the game of football.

Development Focus

The Football West Academy is dedicated to providing specialised, age-appropriate training for each group. Our approach ensures that the training is relevant to each stage of development, fostering skill advancement and tactical understanding suitable for every age group.

9-10 years old

Introduce young players to the game in a safe and fun environment.

11-12 years old

Designed to develop players technical ability, decision making & creativity.

13-14 years old

Continue to build towards technical proficiency while introducing tactical concepts.

15-16 years old

Developing an understanding of how to make a difference in match situations.

Goalkeeping 9-12 years old

Fundamentals & game-based training.

Goalkeeping 13-16 years old

Goalkeeping technique, defending the goal, defending the space, playing with both feet & game-based training.


The sessions, open to both boys and girls, require a minimum commitment of one training session per week. By participating across three terms, players can benefit from consistent coaching, leading to continuous improvement in their skills and understanding of the game.

Why should I join the Football West Academy?
  • Expert Coaching: Qualified coaches with a minimum of Football Australia C Diploma or higher, ensuring professional-level training
  • Holistic Player Development: Focuses on developing both technical skills and personal attributes, shaping well-rounded individuals
  • Unified Development Pathways: Streamlines various developmental stages, providing a cohesive journey from grassroots to elite levels
  • Complementary Club Training: Designed to enhance and complement existing club training, contributing to the development of better club players
  • Statewide Accessibility: Ensures equal access to high-level training for talents from both metro and regional areas
  • Clear Progression Opportunities: Direct pathways to Football West representative teams, State Teams, and Hyundai NTC programs
  • Inclusive Training Environment: Welcoming boys and girls of different ages and skill levels, emphasising development and participation in a supportive atmosphere
  • Age-Appropriate Training Programs: Tailored training for different age groups, ensuring relevant skill and tactical growth
  • Specialised Goalkeeper Coaching: Comprehensive coaching for goalkeepers, from basic skills to advanced techniques
  • Consistent Skill Enhancement: Regular training sessions aimed at continuous skill improvement
  • Community and Core Values: Emphasis on respect, fair play, and excellence, fostering a strong community spirit
  • Cost-Effective Training: An affordable option, making high-quality football education accessible to more families
  • Ongoing Elite Coach Exposure: Continuous interaction with state and representative team coaches for talent identification
  • First Access to Unique Events: Players in the Academy are given preferential access, on an as-and-when-available basis, to participate in special, one-of-a-kind events and high-profile activities and activations. In 2023, TSP players were invited to train with Tottenham Hotspur Academy when they visited Perth
  • Exclusive Access to International Tours: Unique opportunities for Academy participants to engage in international tours across Asia, providing unmatched exposure and experience. In 2023, tours took place to Indonesia, Singapore and Malaysia

Register now

Venue: Gibbney Reserve, Maylands, commencing Saturday 17 February 2024

U9s to U12s

  • Time: 8:30 AM to 9:45 AM
  • Terms: Term 1, Term 2, Term 3
  • Fee: $520.00 (inclusive of GST) - apparel not included

U13s to U16s

  • Time: 10:00 AM to 11:15 AM
  • Terms: Term 1, Term 2, Term 3
  • Fee: $520.00 (inclusive of GST) - apparel not included



The registration fee for the Hyundai Football West Academy does not cover the cost of apparel. Participants are expected to obtain the official Football West Academy shirt and shorts ($75 + shipping), which can be easily purchased online. A link for this purchase will be made available by Football West following successful registration. Players will be able to purchase additional items, including socks and spray jackets. Furthermore, players are given the option to personalise their jerseys with their name and preferred playing number during checkout at no additional cost, enhancing their sense of individuality and association with the exclusive, branded apparel of the Football West Academy.

More information

For queries or further information, please contact us at (08) 6181 0700 or send an email to