Our clubs and our community are the heart of football – the game in Western Australia doesn’t happen without them. Football West is committed to improving the support provided to our clubs, associations and volunteers which is why we’ve created the Club House.  

The Club House provides a destination for club and association-related resources, information and guidance to volunteers and those working in the game.  

More materials will be uploaded over time as Football West continues to refresh and improve the resources available across various aspects of club operations.   

Please contact for any club or association needs.   

Building Stronger Clubs 

Football West's Building Stronger Clubs initiative intends to future proof football in WA by having good practice clubs and associations that provide a better experience for all.   

The First XI of Building Stronger Clubs is a game plan that focuses on empowering clubs and associations across eleven key areas including: Grassroots Football Development, Volunteer Engagement & Recognition, Governance, Accessible Resources, Facilities, Administration, Community Participation & Partnerships, Marketing & Communication, Club & Association Recognition, Grants & Funding and Advocacy.  

This line-up highlights some of the focal points guiding Football West's responsive service to clubs and associations based on ongoing consultation.


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