Football West finalises NPL Club Licensing review

In accordance with the NPL Competition Rules and associated compliance regulations, Football West has finalised its NPL Club Licensing review for season 2024.

Football West’s First Instance Body has determined that the following clubs do not meet the Football Australia Club Licensing requirements to participate in the NPLWA next season:

NPLWA - Men’s
Joondalup United

NPLWA - Women’s
Curtin University
Perth AFC

Clubs were informed of the outcome of their assessment last week.

Perth AFC have accepted the decision and will not be considered for promotion from the Hyundai Women’s League.

Women’s League champions Hamersley Rovers did not submit an application and therefore will also not be considered for promotion.

Joondalup United and Curtin University have until Friday 22 September to lodge their appeals to Football Australia.

Joondalup United have indicated they will appeal.

What happens next?

As Joondalup United have indicated they will appeal, they will play Fremantle City in the NPL/Division One play-off at the State Football Centre this Saturday.

At the conclusion of Football Australia’s Appeals & Entry Control Board (AECB) decision-making process, Football West will notify clubs of their competition status for 2024.