A message from Football West CEO James Curtis

A message from Football West CEO James Curtis

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A message from Football West CEO James Curtis

Football West appreciates the uncertainty felt in the WA football community in view of the decision to postpone all grassroots activities until 14 April.

We are also acutely aware of the potential impact that this decision will have on clubs, players, coaches, officials and volunteers. Football West will use the period of postponement to work closely with all of our football community.

We are also working with the FFA, Federal, State and local governments to try to reduce the burden on the WA football community during these difficult times.

Our priority is to safeguard the sustainability of all of our 250+ clubs so that when it’s the right time to resume football, we are ready to go together.

Football West also kindly requests we all:

  • share Football West and Football Federation Australia updates on COVID-19;

  • respect all members of the community, including the football community;

  • encourage members to stay up to date with and put in place the latest expert health advice

Football is the most participated team sport in this state and we understand the role it plays in the broader community, including with the local businesses involved in supporting our clubs. Staying united in our approach and maintaining our values will enable our sport to remain strong and navigate these uncertain times.

We appreciate your continued hard work and support and extend our thanks to all that are involved in community football for their understanding.

Football West will continue to work closely with all of our clubs and members and appreciate your co-operation.


James Curtis
CEO, Football West