Grassroots Equipment Donations Program

This state-wide program redistributes outdated, redundant and replaced equipment from Football West, clubs and football community members to grassroots programs which provide new opportunities for disadvantaged groups and make sport easier to access.

We encourage clubs, groups and individuals to consider what equipment they can spare for the program and to contact to arrange drop off or pick-up.

The program has been built on the generosity within the football community.

Equipment pledges and support highlights include in 1999 aid to the Kosovo refugees, in 2001 helping the East Timorese rebuild and in 2006 helping survivors of the Tsunami disaster.


Football West – Gordon Duus 6110 5926 / 0410 659 422 or email


GEDP Summary

Football West’s Inclusive Development Program is proudly sponsored by Healthway, promoting the Smarter than Smoking Message.