Men's State League promotion play-offs get under way

The four-way battle to secure the last place in the Men’s State League Division One for 2022 begins tonight with the first legs of the inter-divisional play-off semi-finals.

Second division trio Gosnells City, Murdoch University Melville and Kingsley Westside are aiming for promotion, while Swan United are trying to preserve their first division status. They finished second to bottom this season, with Ashfield taking the automatic relegation spot.

Kingsley, who came fourth in Division Two, are at home to Swan, while MUM FC host Gosnells City.

Gosnells will face MUM in the second leg this Friday night, while Swan meet Kingsley again on Saturday.


Semi-finals, first leg


Kingsley Westside v Swan United (Chichester Park, 7.15pm)

Murdoch University Melville v Gosnells City (Wormall Civil Stadium, 7.30pm)

Semi-finals, second leg


Gosnells City v Murdoch University Melville (Walter Padbury Reserve, 7pm)


Swan United v Kingsley Westside (Swan Italian Club, 3pm)

Stirling effort pays off at Swan. Photo by  Colin Feilen
Swan United begin their bid to stay in Division One tonight. Photo by Colin Feilen