Lions pride in veteran supporters

Stirling Lions will turn to experience when they begin their Men's State League Night Series campaign on Sunday.

Tanas Nicalaou, Mitre Filev and Vasil Radis will be front and centre as the Lions take on Joondalup City at Macedonia Park.

Not that the trio will be lacing up the boots - a combined age of 284 years has them in the stand nowadays.

Instead, the club will be paying tribute to three of their longest-serving followers.

Tanas, 97, who the club says has never missed a game, Mitre, 95, and Vasil, a former club President who is a sprightly 92, will be guests of honour  as part of a new Respect Our Elders initiative.

The three families span four generations of participation in the club.

Current Stirling Lions President Luke Pavlos said: "The Respect Our Elders round will be an annual event run by the Stirling Lions SC to increase community awareness of our elderly.

"This message  is to empower all the good people to be mindful of caring for their elderly neighbours when they need a hand or assistance in tough circumstances, especially in these unprecedented times."

Football West Competition and Club Manager Dan Israel said: "This sounds like a fantastic initiative and a great way to showcase some of the longest serving members of the club. Well done to all involved."

The Stirling v Joondalup Group F clash kicks off at 7pm. Before that is the Group E tie between Swan United and Carramar Shamrock Rovers (5pm).