Football West and Healthway launch healthy gaming initiative

Football West and our partner Healthway have launched a campaign to promote healthy gaming.

The campaign, which will run on the egaming Switch on Sport website and social media platforms, promotes positive screen-based behaviours.

This includes encouraging gamers to be aware of the number of hours they are playing, getting them to socialise and play sports, as well as respecting opponents.

This is all part of the Think Mental Health Couch to Pitch initiative, which is designed to create opportunities for gamers to participate in football activities in real life.  

“The campaign will include a series of tiles and web banners which will be shared on the Switch on Sport social media pages and website.

Switch on Sport had over 800 participants in its e-gaming programs and competitions in 2021. So far in 2022 our three competitions have attracted around 170 participants. 

A Football West survey showed 93% of survey participants identified they were interested in playing in-person football following esports.

Switch On Sport is Football West’s official esports program that currently runs FIFA22 and Rocket League competitions.

Couch to pitch
One of the tiles which promotes positive screen-based behaviour.

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