2020 Gold Fields Junior State Squads named

Football West has named its Junior State Squads for 2020.

The squads for the Gold Fields Boys State Under 14s and Under 15s, and the Gold Fields Girls State Under 15s, have been finalised following the recent trials.

Although there are no National Youth Championships at Coffs Harbour this year, all of the teams will play representative games. The Boys State U15s will take on Perth Glory’s U16s (born 2005); the Boys State U14s will face Glory’s U15s (born 2006); while the Girls State U15s will meet Glory’s Boys U14s (born 2007). Further details of the fixtures will be released nearer the time.

Football West Youth Development Officer Gareth Naven said: “First of all we would like to thank all of the hundreds of players who tried out for the Gold Fields State teams. This shows what representing Western Australia means to young, talented players across the state, with some travelling to Perth from as far as Karratha, Kalgoorlie and Esperance to try out.

“Second, congratulations to the players who have been selected. They have put in a lot of hard work and it is great to see it being rewarded. Football West would also like to thank the players’ clubs for their co-operation.

“While there are no National Youth Championships this year due to Covid-19, we felt it appropriate to continue the talent identification process for Junior National Teams for boys and girls. And with matches planned against Perth Glory Academy teams, they will get the opportunity to represent WA on the pitch.”

Football West would also like to recognise the great support of mining giant Gold Fields, the name sponsor of all of our State Teams.

Gold Fields State Squads

Gold Fields Boys State U14s

Luca Iovene (ECU Joondalup)

Ryan Schofield (Sorrento)

Sonny Inzalaco (ECU Joondalup)

Luca Alvaro (Bayswater City)

Akin Gianfrancesco (Perth SC)

Andriano Lebib  (Murdoch Uni Melville)

Benjamin Michael (Murdoch Uni Melville)

Cillian Purcell (ECU Joondalup)

Clay Gibbs (Sorrento)

Daniel Bennie (ECU Joondalup)

Ethan O’Sullivan (ECU Joondalup)

GJ Prinsloo (Balcatta)

Oliver Leeming (ECU Joondalup)

Kyeson Barker (Inglewood Utd)

Ryder Leasor (ECU Joondalup)

Dilan Castiblanco (Bayswater City)

Jonathan Ricupero (Murdoch Uni Melville)

Kevin Sunny (Forrestfield United)

Lewis Moses (ECU Joondalup)

Purvishna Appadoo (Armadale)

Taylor Wright (ECU Joondalup)

Anthony Teixeira (Murdoch Uni Melville)

Daniel Khan (Sorrento)

Harrison Murray (Rockingham City)

Jack Overy (ECU Joondalup)

Tanaka Machiri (Forrestfield United)


Gold Fields Boys State U15s

Alex Papas (Balcatta)

Marino Gojak (Rockingham City)

Darius Andres (ECU Joondalup)

Roberto Salas (Balcatta)

Fabiano De Abreu (ECU Joondalup)

Jacob Evans (ECU Joondalup)

Jay Patel (ECU Joondalup)

Josh Kingston (ECU Joondalup)

Ethan Banks (Sorrento)

Sean O’Connor (ECU Joondalup)

Fletcher Ellerton (ECU Joondalup)

Alex Da Rocha (Perth SC)

Christophe Yao (Perth SC)

Cody Tana (Perth SC)

Joe Roscoe (Perth SC)

Joshua Bilaloski (Perth SC)

Michael Huynh (Perth SC)

Morne Lombard (Perth SC)

Orhan Boric (Perth SC)

Kalab Goodes (Rockingham City)

William Hocking (Sorrento)

Louis Hadfield (Perth SC)


Gold Fields Girls State U15s

Angeline Wright (Hyundai NTC)

Zara Board (Murdoch Uni Melville)

Grace Johnston (Subiaco)

Wilma Thodhlana (Hyundai NTC)

Anne Mayoe (Hyundai NTC)

Georgia Cassidy (Hyundai NTC)

Carys Davis (Hyundai NTC)

Anna Powell (Fremantle City)

Natasha Tanner (Hyundai NTC)

Lilly Bailey (Hyundai NTC)

Mia Yeo (Hyundai NTC)

Mischa Anderson (Joondalup City/Hyundai NTC)

Catherine Adams (Hyundai NTC)

Maya Spatafore (Hyundai NTC)

Jana Garcia (Hyundai NTC)

Lara Graham (South West Phoenix)

Olivia Trueman (Hyundai NTC)

Molly Lenton (Hyundai NTC)

Amelie Lague (Hyundai NTC)

Jenna Harnwell (Hyundai NTC)

Isabella Rooney (Joondalup United)

Hannah Collins (Perth SC)

Jayde O’Donohoe (Hyundai NTC)

Abbey Woolley (Hyundai NTC)

Elysse Shore (Murdoch Uni Melville)

Lucy Hope (Hyundai NTC)

Clara Hoarau (Murdoch Uni Melville)

Poppy Hooks (Murdoch Uni Melville)

Pearl Ekbote (Riverside CFC)

Hannah Insch (Joondalup City)

Sam Mathers (Aubin Grove United)

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