Update to COVID-19 postponement requirements (June 2022)


We have updated the COVID-19 postponement requirements. Full details of the update can be found by following the link COVID-19 Postponement Update


COVID-19 postponements (April 2022)

Covid-19 Postponement Request Form - Forms | Football West 


Football West has put in place a process to request a postponement due to the impact of COVID 19 cases on any particular team within your club. Being unable to play due to COVID 19 includes:

• Isolation (due to testing positive or as a close contact with symptoms)

• Declared unfit to play by a medical professional due to the effects of COVID 19

• Having been unable to train for more than 2 weeks due to the effects of COVID 19

Should your club be unable to fulfil a league fixture because 5 or more players fall into this category, the club may request a postponement via the link to our online “request for postponement due to COVID 19 impact” form provided in the email with this communication and online on our website under the COVID 19 page on the clubhouse.

All fields will be required to be completed by an authorised representative of the club. The club may also submit additional information and documentation within the form to support the application.

Should you need to request postponements for multiple teams please submit a form for each team you are requesting the postponement for. (e.g you would like to request a postponement for your first team and your U18 team – we would require a separate form for each team)

Note any club found to be providing false information to justify an application for postponement will face heavy sanctions including but not limited to fines, forfeiture of games and docking of points.

Once a form has been submitted, Football West will review the information provided and inform the affected clubs of any decision made. Please note the submission of the form is NOT a guarantee that the match will automatically be postponed. Football West will look to prioritise the playing of First Team matches.

Should the request for a postponement be granted, Football West will then determine, using the information provided by the club requesting a postponement and in conjunction with the opposition team and with consideration for any additional factors impacting a reschedule, the date, time and location of any rescheduled fixture. This decision shall be final and we appreciate clubs patience and understanding that your preferred times may not be possible. Our aim is to replay matches within 4 weeks of the original fixture where possible.

While we will have the opportunity to accept postponements of league games, given the timings and schedule we must adhere to, this may not always be possible for our cup competitions.

Clubs that are affected by COVID 19 but whose games are not postponed or rescheduled may also request an exemption for any players that need to be promoted to a team that may not ordinarily be able to do so without an exemption. Football West will review these requests and inform the club of any exemptions granted prior to the fixture. Clubs will need to submit the “request for player exemption” form which will shortly be available on our website and which will be emailed out to all clubs separately.

A reminder that Football West Club Support will provide coverage during our hours of operation:

  • Monday to Friday 7am – 7pm
  • Saturday/ Sunday 9am-5pm

Should your request be sent outside of these hours it will be reviewed at the next available opportunity.

These guidelines will continue to be reviewed during the season and may be adapted to suit the changing environment.

Football West will continue to update its COVID 19 support page through this time and we remind clubs that the WA Government has recently passed the responsibility for informing players if they are deemed a close contact back to the clubs and associations. For all the latest up-to-date advice please refer to the WA Government website.

Should you have any queries or require more information please contact Football West via our Club Support team on clubsupport@footballwest.com.au or 08 6181 0700

We thank you in advance for your continued cooperation as we navigate our game through the effects of the pandemic and look to ensure we can play our competitions in a safe, fair and equitable manner.