Hyundai SAP Session Ideas

Hyundai SAP Session Ideas

Welcome to the Hyundai Skill Acquisition Program Sessions page. On this page you will find links to Hyundai SAP session ideas which can be printed or viewed on your mobile device.

Hyundai SAP Training Games: Coach Education

The Hyundai Skill Acquisition Program is for ages 9-12 and focuses on the development of the four core skills: Striking the Ball, First Touch, 1v1, Running with the Ball.

Hyundai SAP sessions consist of three components:

1) Skill Introduction

2) Skill Training

3) Skill Game

Some of the game ideas below will be more suited to specific components e.g. Game 1 would be perfect as a Skill Introduction.

These session ideas are flexible enough to be used with both advanced and intermediate playing groups, and include other suggestions for coaches to adapt the session.

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