Kicking Off Healthy Clubs

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The Smarter than Smoking Kicking Off Healthy Club initiative aims to encourage Football West affiliated clubs and teams to identify and improve on healthy behaviours that help them to participate in sport they love. The initiative is managed by Football West in partnership with Healthway.

Healthy Clubs Competition

The Kicking Off Healthy Clubs Competition has returned for 2020!

By making simple changes and introducing new behaviours into your club, Healthway and Football West want to offer you the chance to win a prize for your club!

The competition is simple; send an email to Club Development team at showing how you are implementing your Club Health Policy in line with the suggestions below.

Football West will then pick winners at the end of each month, and they will win a $750 equipment pack for their club!

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VIDEOS: Kicking Off Healthy Clubs Program ambassador Leticia McKenna shares her preparation and skills tips for younger players

What is the Healthier Clubs Initiative?

The health of players, coaches, referees, volunteers and your wider Football community is our biggest priority.

The Healthier Clubs Initiative aims to provide you with some direction and incentive to take actions to improve your club environment to become healthier.

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Click here to view and download some Healthy Club resources including posters and flyers to distribute at your club, school or at home!

How can you improve your club?

There are some simple things your club and teams can do to improve your environment to encourage members to adopt healthier behaviours:

  • Implement a Health Policy or update and improve your existing policy. Further information can be found Health Policies – Healthway.
  • Initiate promotions within your club to encourage members to be healthier, base around five priority areas:
    • Eating well
    • Staying hydrated by drinking water regularly and limiting sugary drinks
    • Proper and consistent warm up and cool down routines
    • Reinforcing the importance of club/team culture and being team players
    • Being Smarter than Smoking

Promotions can be through club e-newsletters, social media players or through verbal dissemination at functions and events

  • Encouraging members to take actions on the above priorities and improving ‘every day’ practises. For example:
    • Revise what is offered in the club canteen – assistance can be provided with connection to WA Schools Canteen Association (WASCA) free of charge to clubs
    • Encourage teams to have fruit and veg at half time and after the game, rather than lollies
    • Create a club warm up and cool down routine that all teams use
    • Introduce ‘Intention Setting’ sessions before games and training so team members can be responsible for contributing to a positive environment
    • Encourage teams to internally create a ‘Player of the Week/Month/Round’ acknowledgement to encourage self-reflection and team camaraderie.
    • Appoint all club members as Smoke-Free ambassadors to continue to make sure the club grounds are smoke free.
  • Hold a ‘Healthy Club’ event; for example:
    • Holding a Sausage Sizzle Fundraiser, use the WASCA guide to creating a healthier sizzle
    • Develop social functions that are family friendly and do not promote excessive alcohol consumption