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Update: 5 February 2021

Football West is pleased to announce the resumption of community football activities under post-lockdown transitional measures for the Perth metropolitan area and Peel, as well as a return to pre-lockdown conditions for the South West region.

These conditions will come into effect from 6:01pm, Friday 5 February until 12:01am, Sunday 14 February, pending no further local cases.

Following the phased relaxation of restrictions announced by the WA State Government, Football West advises that Clubs and Associations who are in the position to do so, can recommence community football activities as permissible within their region from 6:01pm, Friday 5 February.

Clubs and associations should ensure they have permission to play football from their landowner or Local Government Authority.

For Clubs and Associations in the Perth metropolitan and Peel regions, pertinent measures will include:

  • Wearing a mask when in public and while at work, unless exempt or for vigorous outdoor exercise and children under 12 years

  • 4 square metre capacity rule in place for businesses and venues, up to a maximum of 150

  • 150-person capacity at all community sports events

As this is a constantly developing situation, it is advised to stay up-to-date via official WA Government channels through the COVID-19 Information Page and the Healthy WA website.

We will continue to provide updates as they are provided from the WA State Government.


If you have any questions, please email clubsupport@footballwest.com.au



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Information about routine environmental cleaning and disinfection in the community:


Good Hygiene for Coronavirus


Mental Health and COVID-19


Environmental cleaning in non-healthcare settings


AIS Level A – General Hygiene measures


  • No sharing of exercise equipment or communal facilities.

  • Apply personal hygiene measures even when training away from group facilities — hand hygiene regularly during training (hand sanitisers) plus strictly pre and post training.

  • Do not share drink bottles or towels.

  • Do not attend training if unwell (contact doctor).

  • Spitting and clearing of nasal/respiratory secretions on ovals or other sport settings must be strongly discouraged


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