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Equal Footingball

Inclusive Junior (11-18s age) Competition


EFD 2016 is around the halfway mark with new players still joining and dicovering the fun.

Training and match schedules should be read together; Initiates file downloadclick here for training schedule, Initiates file downloadclick here for match schedule.

We look forward to setting new participation records in 2016 on top of the record 40+ players who took to the pitch to enjoy Equal Footingball Division in 2015. On top of setting and scoring more more goals, players for a 2017 junior state Special Olympics squad will be sought out by coaches.

- 2016  Equal Footingball Division flyer,Initiates file download click here

- 2016 Equal Footingball Division calendar, Initiates file downloadclick here.

For Equal Footingball Division Juniors, male and female players of all abilities* aged 11 to 18 can register at local clubs for a competition season. *Players need to be able to move unassisted around a small pitch, with concession for walking aids.

Equal Footingball Division Juniors players learn skills, grow confidence, develop teamwork and score some goals. To emphasise these ideals no scores, goalscorers list or competition ladder is kept.

Find out about why Equal Footingball Division and inclusive programs exist, Initiates file downloadclick here.

Facts Sheet for Industry and General Public - Initiates file downloadclick here

 Other information: 

  • Opens internal link in current windowLink to disability access and inclusion information
  • For information about Open Age Competition (ages 16+) Opens internal link in current windowclick here.
  • The competition caters for teenage boys and girls for whom playing on a full-size pitch would be difficult.
  • The competition won the WA Sports Industry Inclusive Sport Award in its inaugural year after kicking off in May 2011.
  • EFD Juniors is Western Australia's football competition providing an entry level playing opportunity for teenagers with competitive disadvantage.
  • Participating clubs offer an inclusive environment to young people with competitive disadvantages who would like to experience the world game.
  • Games and training take place on weekends, in most cases Sunday mornings and surrounded by vibrant active junior game days

For EFD competition rules, Initiates file downloadClick here 

Please note that insurance considerations may be different for players who have previously suffered an injury, Initiates file downloadmore details here.

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