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Multicultural Focus Football

In the world's game every round is Multicultural Round!

What's on Now:

  • 2015-16 Football West Competition Season
  • Common Goal Program (NEW, see below)
  • Fubles network: teams and players playing friendly matches in Initiates file network (all-year)
  • United Maylands Junior Football Club participation program (all-year) - for program flyer Initiates file downloadclick here.
  • Edmund Rice Glory Program (junior participation program all year) - for program flyer Initiates file downloadclick here.
  • Perth African Nations Cup 2016 (Men, Women & Juniors in January). Initiates file downloadClick here for fixtures.

How to play and join the WA Football Community

To find your local club to play through the winter competition season, follow this easy link:

Are people from your community or friends interested in playing regular competitive football? Many emerging community groups have already become involved in Football West competition.
If you are interested in joining then contact the friendly staff at Football West.

Opportunities for recently arrived people to play include:
•Football West Leagues
• (for flyer Initiates file downloadclick here)
•Perth African Nations Cup (Summer Grassroots Tournament) - scroll down
•United Maylands Junior Football Club - ongoing development program (for flyer Initiates file downloadclick here)
•Multicultural Indoor Soccer Tournament (annual event)

Career and Education Opportunities

  • Earn $$$ from Refereeing. To find out how Initiates file downloadclick here.
  • Coaching Courses (for link Opens internal link in current windowclick here)
  • ECU Joondalup Sports Science (scroll down for more information)
  • SEDA program (for link Opens external link in new windowclick here)

Common Goal Program

Initiates file downloadClick here for flyer



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New for 2016, Common Goal is a multicultural focus program with weekly training sessions, weekend extension opportunities, matches, excursions and professional development. Participants are empowered through leadership training, education opportunities and the opportunity to become physically active in an environment that promotes positive relationships. The program is open to all young people, male and female (8-18 years old), with the main aim to provide opportunities to young people who may be disengaged or not have the opportunities that others do in a sport and leadership environment, in particular young people from a multicultural background.

Common Goal is a partnership between the Edmund Rice Centre, Football West, WA Police, Mirrabooka Mosque, the City of Stirling and the Department of Sport and Recreation. The Project is based on similar programs initiated by the Edmund Rice Centre in partnership with Football West, using grassroots engagement based on the Local Parks Program concept, alongside a high performance component. The involvement of WA Police and Local Policing Teams, along with the support of the Mirrabooka Mosque congregation and the WA Police Muslim Community Advisory Group have fostered community engagement in the truest sense.

The program was launched at the request of community leaders advising WA Police in order to address the needs of the culturally and linguistically diverse communities and promote social cohesion and community safety. It is a modernised incarnation of the award winning Multicultural Friendship Games Football West and WA Police delivered from 2009 to 2011.

Africa Down Under Tournament

2015 Event Information:

Congratulations Base Resources - Save The Children Glory Boys team on winning

For 2015 summary, Initiates file downloadclick here.

Archived results, Initiates file downloadclick here.

Edith Cowan University Joondalup and Football West

Football West welcomes Edith Cowan University (Sport Science) as a material supporter of Football West Inclusive Participation initiatives. Education and sport can balance at ECU with their specialist sports program.
Special guest appearances by male and female star players, plus material support with venues, medals and trophies, supports people being able to afford and acess the game.
Senior Lecturer and Course Coordinator Dr Fadi Ma'ayah explains, "Part of my research and engagement project is to conduct the Combined Sport and Educational Activities Program utilises sporting role models as a way of engaging youth from minority groups and low SES backgrounds and encourages them to consider tertiary education. The program aims to boost the aspirations of students from minority groups in order to increase their educational and employment opportunities in the future, and as a consequence hopefully break the cycle of disadvantage that currently exists in Perth."

Perth African Nations Cup

Each year Perth African Nations Football Council INC with Football West as partner brings this summer grassroots program where:
•New friendships are formed and old friendships grow stronger
•People enjoy watching and playing the world game
•Rivalries are a friendly tradition rather than a point of conflict
•A club opens its doors for players, families and spectators to see how the game is played in WA
•Players are talent scouted and signed by clubs each year

For the pictorial summary, Initiates file downloadclick here.

For historical results and information, Initiates file downloadclick here.

Check out also the Perth African Nations Cup on facebook.

Football West's Multicultural Engagement Policy

Statement of Commitment: Football West is the primary body for Football within Western Australia and supports the right of people from CaLD backgrounds to be involved in football in all ways including playing, coaching, refereeing and administering the game. The creation and ongoing adjustments of the Outreach for Diversity Program is to ensure that the objectives in the Football Federation Australia's CaLD Policy are implemented to reflect inclusive practices throughout all participation. We will assist to promote positive and informed attitudes towards people from CaLD backgrounds.

Policy Application (Extract): Football West will take reasonable steps to idenfify and eliminate unlawful direct, indirect, and systematic discrimination from its structures and practices and will ensure that people from CaLD communities are afforded reasonable participation and development opportunities to participate in all areas of football. Employees and volunteers shall, within their areas of responsibility, take reasonable steps to remove any barriers which exist to programs and services, and the physical, social, and virtual environment.

Important Information: Insurance Cover for Recent Arrivals and Non-Residents

All participants of the game have the entitlement to participate in a safe environment and where accidents can happen there is a nationwide insurance policy which complements coverage of Medicare and private health insurance.

Players covered by this insurance include those:

·         in Football West programs; and

·         registered at Football West member clubs

This insurance is designed to cover costs over and above the Medicare-inclusive and/or private health insurance-inclusive coverage. This insurance will not substitute coverage of and will not apply where a player does not have Medicare access or private health insurance. We implore that participants consider what coverage their health insurance or Medicare access provides when participating or registering to play.

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